Children’s Bibles Around the World

God is changing the lives of children around the world through His Word. Here are just a few testimonies from the millions of children who are having their hearts transformed by Scripture thanks to partners like you.


When Xavier was 4, his dad dropped him off at an orphanage in Peru. He felt sad and lost, like many of the world’s 153 million orphans. But the new children’s Bible you provided helped Xavier realize he wasn’t alone, and he found new happiness in God.

“I was sad, not happy, but I received my Bible and now I’m happy.” –Xavier, age 8, Peru


“I’ve never had a Bible. I’m happy to receive this book that tells me about Jesus. It’s one of my dreams that come true,” says Jinau, a primary school student in Haiti who recently received his first Bible.


Thanks to you, 45,472 Nicaraguan children with cancer and their parents received Bibles and Scripture portions over the past two years.


Alex, age 3, and his mother fled Pervomaisk, their home in Eastern Ukraine, with nothing when the area came under Russian siege. Now they live with very little. Thanks to Ukrainian Bible Society, Alex got his first Bible. When asked how he felt about the Bible, he made this gesture.


Saad’s mother left the family when Saad was 7. Now, at age 16, Saad is an orphan. Fortunately, he found hope in Jesus. Then, thanks to your generosity, he, like hundreds of other parentless children in Bangladesh, received his first Bible. Now Saad reads his Bible every morning and evening, finding belonging in God’s Word.

“This is my first Bible I received in my life!” –Saad, age 16, Bangladesh

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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