Celebration in North Africa!

Bringing God’s Word to the Blin-speaking people in their own language!

People recently descended from the hills and mountain ranges of Northern Africa for a celebration like no other. They were rejoicing at the arrival of the New Testament in the Blin language in Eritrea.

Christians, church leaders, and translators gathered together for worshiping and praising God as they received Scriptures in their own heart language.

“Behold, the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ, was brought today to the Blin community,” the Bible Society General Secretary told those gathered. “From now on, the Savior will speak to you in your own heart language.”

The General Secretary explains, “While preaching the Gospel, the priests had to translate as they went along. This was time consuming, so it was done as fast as possible, and the message was therefore not properly conveyed.”

He says, “Now that we have the Blin New Testament, people will be able to understand it more deeply and there will be a great transformation in the Christian faith. It will also help preserve and develop the Blin language and cultural heritage.”

One 82-year-old woman said she was “excited beyond words” as she held a copy of the new Scriptures. “My granddaughters and sons will read to me from this golden, newly translated New Testament!”

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