Can the Bible bring healing?

Through the Bible-based trauma healing ministry, people around the world are finding fresh hope in Jesus through Scripture

When in deep distress, people often conclude that God has abandoned them, is punishing them, or doesn’t exist. Bible-based trauma healing exists to help people express their pain and connect to God. Adaptations of the ministry are helping children, teens, disaster victims, and prisoners. Story-based oral versions are speaking truth in communities with low literacy. Bible-based trauma healing radio and TV programs are declaring the healing power of God’s Word to millions in remote areas.

Families of Victims in Sri Lanka

In 2019, 359 people were killed in church bombings on Easter Sunday. The local Bible Society immediately responded to the deep emotional pain of these bombings by hosting Bible-based trauma healing groups. Through these groups, hundreds of Sri Lankans are finding fresh hope.

Unchurched Adults in Thailand

In Bangkok, you helped launch 20 Bible-based trauma healing groups in churches this year. Through this ministry, churches in this key Thai city are becoming known as places where anyone can find peace and help to overcome past traumas. Pray for this church ministry to grow!

Prisoners in California, USA

Catholic prison ministers serving in the San Francisco Bay Area are providing Bible-based trauma healing to inmates at San Quentin and other area prisons. Trauma healing is helping inmates see themselves through God’s eyes and move toward emotional and spiritual healing.

Cancer Survivors in Armenia

Each year, 1 in 15 Armenian women are afflicted by breast cancer. This disease is often treated by a mastectomy, which leaves many women depressed, even after reconstructive surgery. Bible Society of Armenia is piloting Bible-based trauma healing for a group of 60 breast cancer survivors, providing them with spiritual, psychological, and social support. The women will be reminded that God is with them and that they are precious to Him!

Persecuted Youth in Ghana

Youth in Ghana are often forced into domestic service, street hawking, heavy labor, and the sex trade. But praise God that around 5,000 youth each year are learning that God loves them and has more for their lives! Bible-based trauma healing is being introduced to Ghanaian children and teens who have been subjected to devastating physical, emotional, and spiritual abuses—helping them understand their true identity as God’s children.

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