Bible Ministry: By the Numbers

How is God’s Word changing lives? Let us count the ways …

95,000 Grateful Americans

This is the number of suffering Americans who received New Testaments and disaster relief Scripture Portions during a four-month emergency COVID-19 response effort. Thank you for sharing the good news of Jesus with so many hurting people when they needed it most!

5,200 Hearts Healed

This is the number of suffering people who participated in a virtual Bible-based Trauma Healing group during the COVID-19 pandemic. This Bible ministry works best through in-person small groups, and your prayers and support enabled people around the world to gather online to encounter God’s

181,000,000 Truth Seekers

This is the number of American adults who opened a Bible in the past year, according to our 2021 State of the Bible USA survey. This number is up significantly (7 percent) from last year’s survey, when 169 million adults used the Bible at least occasionally. This shows how the tumultuous events in America this past year drove many people to God’s Word for guidance and comfort. A smaller subset of these Americans (64 million) seeks God in Scripture on a consistent basis, allowing it to transform their choices and relationships.

This year’s survey also revealed that a whopping 95 million Americans, while not yet regularly engaging with Scripture, are open and willing to test drive the Bible for themselves. Last year, only 66 million adults were in this “Movable Middle” category. We praise God for this spirit of openness as people search for eternal answers to life’s most difficult questions.

2,000 Liberty Lovers

This is the number of early visitors to American Bible Society’s Faith and Liberty Discovery Center in historic Philadelphia during a soft launch season this spring. Thanks to your prayers and support, the FLDC is now a world-class experience championing the Bible’s transformative role in American history and its importance for our future.

75 Years of Faithfulness

This is the number of years since the founding of United Bible Societies—the network of Bible Societies that uses your support to send God’s Word to the farthest reaches of the globe. In May 1946, less than a year after the end of World War II, representatives from Bible Societies in 13 countries gathered in England.

Convinced more than ever of the “need of the world for the Word of God,” the delegates set in motion the formation of this global Bible fellowship, “so that at this time of need, the fullest effort may be made in co-operation with other Bible Societies to meet the need and seize the opportunity to supply to the stricken world the Word of Life and Strength.”

Today, United Bible Societies is comprised of 150 Bible Societies working in more than 240 countries and territories to make the life-changing message of the Bible available to everyone on the planet. You are a critical member of this global partnership!

349 Recovering Inmates

This is the number of prison inmates who participated in a Baylor University research study measuring the effectiveness of American Bible Society’s Bible-based Trauma Healing ministry. The groundbreaking study showed that engaging with the Bible in a small group setting dramatically reduced
prisoners’ PTSD, improved their emotional health, and increased their understanding of God’s purpose for their lives.

“This research project empirically demonstrated what was already being observed clearly—the Word of God transforms hurting lives!” says President of Good News Jail & Prison Ministry Jon Evans, who helped launch this important study.

417 Devotions and Articles Written for African Women

This is the number of culturally relevant devotions and Bible study articles created for readers of the new African Women Devotional Bible. With the support of partners like you, 26 African Bible Societies came together to create this beautiful study Bible for the women of Africa, who face many unique challenges and hardships as they work to pass the torch of Christian faith to future generations.

The African Women Devotional Bible helps women deepen their relationship with God and discover that they are fearfully and wonderfully made in his image. Every page is crafted to help African women experience power, liberation, and growth in Jesus Christ. This Bible is poised to answer questions, deepen Scripture engagement, and spark spiritual transformation across Africa for generations to come.

2,500 Bibles for China

This is the average number of Bibles per year printed and distributed in China by Amity Printing Company, the only authorized printer of Bibles in China, since the first Bible came off its press in 1987. With a population of 1.4 billion in China, there is still a great need to meet! Thank you for continuing to send Bibles into this massive mission field.

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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