American Heritage Girls Send Bibles to Troops

American Heritage Girls write notes in the front covers of military Bibles headed to soldiers. photo credit: Ben Leaman.

On a chilly November evening, the gymnasium at Church of the Good Samaritan in Paoli, Pa., buzzed with a flurry of red vests, blue sashes and the chatter of 35 girls.

The girls, members of the Christian scouting organization American Heritage Girls, huddled in corners and sprawled on the gym floor to scrawl messages in the front cover of Bibles.

But these weren't just any Bibles. They were part of American Bible Society's Box of Bibles for Troops campaign, which provided Bibles with camouflage covers and highlighted reading plans for members of the military during the Veterans Day season.

Before they sent the Bibles to members of the armed forces, the girls wrote encouraging notes in the front covers for the recipients.

Nine-year-old Julia wrote a short note of thanks in the front of her Bible and explained that she wanted the recipient to feel important and appreciated.

After all of the girls were finished writing their messages, they gathered around the stack of Bibles, and retired Army Chaplain Art Pace led them in prayer for the Bibles and the men and women who would receive them.

“It's a great lesson for the girls to think outside of themselves and to understand there are men and women across the globe fighting for freedom,” kindergarten co-leader Allison Connett said.

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